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artist Paul Kielty – on Frogs cover art

Paul Kielty and I have been friends for 15 years.


Paul Kielty – admiring PIE

Paul was educated in Ireland

He studied Animation at the University of Wolverhampton –
and that’s where we first met.

It’s a close friendship – through ‘tick and tin’, he has been there.

I have seen him on stage – excelling at both stand-up, and as singer song-writer & guitarist:

In fact if you are looking for a Top Ten Hit –
he has created some stunners in the time I have known him!



I wouldn’t have asked him to do the cover art if the subject had been slugs or snails…


Paul Kielty – folds paper

But I was confident that he would create something very special – on Frogs – as he has been working for some time now on simplifying his art down to the most essential.

He is also extraordinarily good at Origami – and tolerates comments such as “That’s just folding paper” and “I could do that if I learned how” as if he had learned patience from a sensei ! (I hasten to add those comments weren’t from me!)

We have collaborated on Poetry Comic pieces

And I hope to sell some of his superb hand-printed t-shirts from here in 2016 (starting with one for Blooms Day!)


The Poetry on Frogs ebook is part of the Maligned Species project


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