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the podcast team – Tom Wentworth, producer

I’d forgotten that Tom Wentworth almost did a degree in drama. But luckily for the Maligned Species project he decided on a radio degree, at the University of Glamorgan, and achieved a first. He has been script editor in BBC’s Casualty. He has produced the Radio 4 Afternoon Drama It takes Two to Lie. He has […]

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Podcast on Andrew Fusek Peters

  Welcome ! Here is a podcast with poet Andrew Fusek Peters. How would you write about – a blackbird, a hare or write a poem about knitting that at its heart is about the environment? Andrew tells us how he approaches a subject, reads poems about a heron and a salmon, and reveals how […]

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the podcast team – Giancarlo Facchinetti, sound engineer and editor

Giancarlo Facchinetti has developed skills as a sound engineer – first through creating recordings of his own music, and then honing these skills in the astrophysics project e-x-p-a-n-d-i-n-g: The History of the Universe in 45 minutes. Before the Maligned Species project he had not had any previous experience of editing podcasts or the spoken word. During […]

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Podcast on Keith Chandler

Welcome ! Here is a podcast with poet Keith Chandler.   How would you write about – a grayling butterfly, a goldsmith’s apprentice or a chemo nurse? Keith treats us to poems about a fisherman, glassworkers, a tragic news item, and reveals how he approaches a subject. In conversation with Nadia Kingsley.   click here […]

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the podcast team – Nadia Kingsley, presenter

When I had the idea for the Maligned Species project I had not thought through how the podcasts would really work. Tom Wentworth, our producer –  excelled in his research of different  podcasts – then declared, to my horror, that he wanted my voice kept in when it came to the editing. Luckily, I have made several appearances […]

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Poems for Maligned Species ebooks welcomed !!

Happy New Year from the Maligned Species project! We do hope you have been enjoying the podcasts and the writing from our four ecologists and nine poets. Maligned Species is an Arts Council England funded project – hoping to encourage YOU to write poetry with a more scientific slant than you are, perhaps, used to… […]

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the Poetry on Stinging Nettles ebook cover

Would you like YOUR poem to be included in the Poetry on Stinging Nettles ebook ? – which will be available to buy from February 2016; and will be adorned by this wonderfully atmospheric cover by artist Peter Tinkler  If so – check back here in January 2016 – to see how to submit your poem(s) […]

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