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The DIVERSIFLY book is coming along really well. I have written to everyone who submitted work now

HUGE thanks again to everyone who has been interested in the project and especially those of you who have submitted work! I have loved reading and looking at everything – and your involvement in the project improves the chances of Fair Acre Press being successful in securing funding for future participatory projects. So thank you – and I hope you all got something good from the experience x

As I said in my emails – and mean wholeheartedly – it was an extremely difficult decision. There were many reasons why some poems and artwork didn’t make it into the final book – some work was yo-yoing in and out of the book – some I had to let go of with a very heavy heart. I know absolutely that another editor would have made different choices – but the choices I have made I have lived with, re-read and looked at, and am now very happy and excited about! I hope you all like it too!!!

The book will be out in January – I will let you all know when it is available, and will create a book page on the fairacrepress website with details about it

Also in January I will start releasing weekly podcasts – “in conversations” and readings with six of my favourite “Nature” poets, and an Urban Bird walk that Brett Westwood very kindly took me on a week ago

Nadia x


PS you may well have got a couple of now out-of-date e-newsletters today, if you are “subscribed” to it.. sorry about that.. it was a computer glitch with the website’s enewsletter system which was also stopping people “subscribing”. The fab Ben at Reliant IT has yet again sorted my website problem out. Thanks Ben x

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