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Park Geese, West Park, Wolverhampton – by Paul Kielty

Here are/ will be all the blogs, written by Nadia Kingsley, as part of the Urban Birds Project, aka DIVERSIFLY. The titles will go purple once the blog is linked to it; and more titles and links will appear through May 2017 to September 2017.

However, if you want to catch the blogs, one a week from May 1st to end of August, as they are published – the best way to do this is to sign up for the Fair Acre Press weekly free e-newsletter – you will find this right at the bottom of the Fair Acre Press webpage.

#1 Cor! It’s Spring – on corvids

#2 Not all Blackbirds are Black Birds – on blackbirds

#3 With One Swallow – on swallows

#4 Nice weather for ducks – on ducks

#5 Fancy pigeons? – on feral pigeons

#6 Towing the line? Or making the most of a shortcut? – on Britain’s urban canals

#7 Little Brown Birds – on dunnocks, sparrows and wrens

#8 Late night out? – on nocturnal birds

#9 The sky as sea – on starlings

#10 Two for Joy – on magpies

#11 The trouble with Seagulls – on seagulls

#12 A Bit of a Tit – on blue, great and long-tailed tits

#13 The Dawning – Dawn Chorus

#14 Urban Living – studies about our Urban Birds

#15 Swanning About – on mute swans and Canada geese

#16 It’s Exotic, innit – on parakeets and hoopoes

#17 Record Breaker – on peregrine falcons

#18 Ending Swiftly – on swifts



   This project is supported by public funding through the Arts Council England