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A Bargain Bundle of Books for the Nature Boffin!



A bargain bundle for the nature lover !

We have some copies of each of these books on our shelves so email us at [email protected] and we will arrange a parcel to (one) address, UK only.

Individually these would cost you over £50 but you can have 3 out of the four for £30 including p&p

Offer ends 9th December. Hurry! While stocks last!!! (ooh Ive always wanted to write that :))


Shropshire Butterflies – officially sold out – I have 5 hardback copies available


This book is an absolute feast of butterfly imagery, with every imaginable visual celebration, intermingled with poetry and prose to make a wonderful tribute to the butterflies of Shropshire Richard Lewington

This is one of the most delightful ‘green’ poetry projects I have heard of in recent years Carol Ann Duffy


Beyond Spring by Matthew Oates – the hardback edition

Spirit yourself into spring with this wonderful book, bursting with the glories of the season and its half-forgotten friends – from grape hyacinths to brimstones to rooks. Matthew Oates is a witty and imaginative companion: poetic, subtly subversive and as elusive and fast-moving as spring itself. Beautiful and Brilliant.   Patrick Barkham


Thaw by Charles Bennett

It’s difficult to imagine poems that listen more closely than these to the ‘green music’ of the natural world. Katharine Towers


Diversifly – poetry and art on the Urban Birds of Britain – I only have 3 of these available

“In our modern urban landscapes, birds, and the intersections of their lives with ours, are the most common and obvious manifestations of nature, in all its adaptability and indomitability. DIVERSIFLY catalogues this beautifully in both words and images, with the poetry, from both established names and new, never seeking to separate the manmade and the natural, but instead letting the two bleed into each other. In turns funny, poignant, angry and joyous, DIVERSIFLY is a celebration of the wild world just beyond our front doors.” Matt Merritt 

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