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A new review of #MeToo poetry anthology

Sue Mackrell has written a new review of Deborah Alma’s poetry anthology on #MeToo – 3 years on from its publication

This is the one book that Fair Acre Press has published that I wish had now dated and become irrelevant

It IS a hard read – but men and women alike have found it really helpful and supportive of their own personal stories – and it shows huge strength and humour too.. You can download a free pdf of it – as we are keen for the book to help as many people as we can – or you can buy a copy of the book in the knowledge the profits will go to support Women’s Aid’s amazing work in England


Thank you Sue Mackrell

Thank you Jonathan Taylor and Everybody’s Reviewing

Thank you to ALL the poets who shared their poems and stories with Deb Alma over 3 years ago – and thank you to all the poets including some high profile poets for donating their words to this essential anthology

Thank you Deb so much for those swims we shared together and for this book and for These are the Hands anthology

Nadia x

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