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A spectacular new A to Z coffee-table book by Selima Hill and artist Tim Nicholson

This work swells with the play of language, tone, and perfectly judged lines. Here are scamperings of humour, patient humanity and shadows stood about. Imagine two people went out to fly a kite in a high high wind from A to Z. Now open the book; see what they see.
Helen Ivory

An Oulipian Stevie Smith chasing Tigger through the Hundred Acre Wood of language.

David Morley

This delightful and unusual alphabet has an appealing freshness, at once in the poet’s ideas and in the artist’s touch, whether in pencil or brush. The couplets and images, combined, offer a strange and original perspective on the world, variously amusing, puzzling, endearing and philosophical.

Richard Morphet

A grown up A to Z hardback with couplets by Selima Hill and artwork by Tim Nicholson which children will also love

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Nadia x

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