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Beyond Spring Paperback LAUNCH DAY!!!

Matthew Oates’ wonderful book BEYOND SPRING is released in paperback TODAY! (10th October 2017)


“Spirit yourself into spring with this wonderful book, bursting with the glories of the season and its half-forgotten friends – from grape hyacinths to brimstones to rooks. Matthew Oates is a witty and imaginative companion: poetic, subtly subversive and as elusive and fast-moving as spring itself. Beautiful and Brilliant.” –Patrick Barkham – Natural history author, and writer for the Guardian.

“Great to think of people like Matthew walking the world, linking poetry, natural history and crucially, his own undiminished sense of wonder… Must be a great person to go walking with…” – Robert Minhinnick – Poet, Author, Environmentalist, Joint founder of Friends of the Earth Cymru.

“This book is a delight. Like an English summer’s day there is warmth and sparkle as well as times when clouds drift across the scene, but it is always warm and full of a deep appreciation of this earth. Matthew Oates captures the joy of life in his own, unique way and you feel enhanced at the end of every page.” – Mary Colwell  – Producer and writer specialising in Nature.

“Matthew Oates is an equally enthusiastic naturalist, poet and writer of prose, with an abounding affection for his subject which shines out in every sentence of this book. It’s an exuberant celebration of the British countryside at its joyous, rampant best, interweaving natural and literary landscapes as it explores spring in some of the finest spots for wildlife… A book to savour on winter evenings when the anticipation of spring tempts us all: whether he’s describing the song of a blackbird or the scent of a garlic snail, you know you’re in safe hands.” – Brett Westwood – Author, presenter, naturalist and consultant for Springwatch and Autumnwatch.

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