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NHS poetry anthology review

“What you won’t find in abundance are angry poems, political poems or poems about the iniquitous effects of health service underfunding…, what this anthology mostly wants to do is put its arm around you and whisper the simple, comforting message that even though we may not have all the answers, we are, at least, all […]

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1 of 12 Selima Hill pamphlets

DRESSED AND SOBBING Straight talking, strange and darkly funny, these poems walk the pathway between the bewilderment and the surprising comforts of becoming an old woman. ‘cosy in our large expensive swimwear’ All the women the poet has been, seem to make their appearances in this marvellous feat of magic; of facecloths, the gratitude of […]

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My Name is Mercy review!

Here is a great review of Martin Figura’s wonderful pamphlet from his residency at Salisbury hospital during the height of the pandemic It is by Khadija Rouf for THE FRIDAY POEM and says: The impact of Figura’s pamphlet is lasting, palpable and deeply affecting. My Name is Mercy was published in December 2021 and is an […]

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New Book for International Women’s Day

Many of us will recognise ourselves amongst these pages as the poet navigates the tricky waters between cleaning the toilet, caring for the children, her partner and herself; and often in that order. A debut collection from Khadija Rouf Read more about it/ buy a copy here   Nadia x

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My Name is Mercy Review

My Name is Mercy has been reviewed by everybody’s reviewing! You can read the full review here You can read endorsements from the guardian and Newsnight and buy a copy here I am so proud to have published this – Martin Figura’s poems from a residency at Salisbury Hospital, during the height of the pandemic […]

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Sphinx review – Carl Tomlinson

What a lovely review of Carl Tomlinson’s Changing Places “These are poems that are not easily spooked. They lean into their collar as they move steadily and willingly either door-to-door or up and down a field.” To read the full review click here To read other reviews, the first poem of the pamphlet and to […]

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