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e-x-p-a-n-d-i-n-g: the History of the Universe in 45 minutes

Giancarlo Facchinetti
emma purshouse  nadia kingsley trevor ponman

Above are Giancarlo Facchinetti, Emma Purshouse, Nadia Kingsley and Professor Trevor Ponman – together they are the e-x-p-a-n-d-i-n-g team and whisked 3 full-domes (instead of full-houses!) of people up into space, at the Birmingham Art and Science Festival 2015 on the 17th March.

We would like to thank the University of Birmingham – a fabulous programme of events that included Ruth Padel.

We would Like to thank LAURA COULT their programme director who was absolutely extraordinary in her organisational skills, calmness and enthusiasm.

Next – we will be at Wenlock Poetry Festival. THERE ARE TICKETS LEFT for the 1pm Saturday, 11:30 am Sunday and 5pm Sunday performances – but we are sold out at the 3pm Saturday performance and also at all three performances at Stratford Literary Festival on the 2nd May. We have no other events booked – so if you do want to experience e-x-p-a-n-d-i-n-g: The History of the Universe in 45 minutes – then don’t delay in booking your ticket and we look forward to seeing you ! (Though we will all be in the dark during the performance so I thought you might like to see what we look like when we are on Earth !)

Nadia x

We all had a fabulous time at the Birmingham Art and Science Festival !!!

Here are comments from the audience:

What did you think of the performance ?

Engaging, informative, professional and relaxing
it was an excellent one. I did enjoy it
it was fantastic just took me out of the earth
that was really good. quite trippy and disorientating in parts which is a good thing!
excellent – atmospheric and stimulating
I liked it a lot Thank you !
I thought it was great. Very immersive experience
Nice and impressive
imaginative and varied. Good use of science and humour. Extremely relaxing
Very exciting. I enjoyed the combination of the arts and science of it. I was expecting more science but I was impressed with the merging of the two. It worked well.
very good
It was a very enjoyable experience. I was initially dubious to see that it would be live music and poetry but actually that was great. EXCELLENT!
Good – very different
Amazing – great combination of disciplines Thank you!
Difficult to put into words… mind expanding?
fantastic ! great balance of science poetry and music. V comfortable and thought-provoking
Amazing! Mesmerising and mind-expanding
Fantastic !
Different. Quite relaxing
Great combination of science and arts. Loved the poetry – not really what I would usually go for but great all the more for it
Great, very consuming. And I learned a lot!
Awesome, very well prepared
fantastic performance hypnotic, very comforting
Very worthwhile and interesting. Made me think!
Excellent performance


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