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Fundraising continues! (and a great opportunity for you x)

We continue to offer Matthew Oates’ HARDBACK version of his new Nature-writing book BEYOND SPRING: Wanderings through Nature at the reasonable price of £15 plus p&p through this – a Kickstarter campaign

It is the most extraordinary and important book – it heralds in a new, no – old way of looking at nature:

forget about quantifying Nature’s importance, and be reminded through Matthew’s writing about the quality of the experience, and what we selfishly gain from the sense of belonging and rootedness – from being in a particular place, again and again; laugh, think, dive into his rich language. There are living poets’ work as well as Matthew’s ‘friends & mentors’ : Edward Thomas and William Wordsworth. It is a book for dipping into and reading a chapter to sustain you through office meetings, train journeys, or hours at the computer – until you can get out there again, for yourself…

You can hear him read extracts from the introduction on the link above; and if you go here you can read a long extract from one of the chapters and see if you respond to it… (this is also the first blog of 18 – part of DIVERSIFLY: the Arts Council England-funded URBAN BIRD poetry and art project)

Kickstarter now accepts Guests – meaning you don’t have to (freely) subscribe anymore – but if you still aren’t happy to buy the book from this site – but want a copy, or two, or three… then email Nadia at BEFORE 29 MAY 2017, and she will sort out a different way for you to pay

The chance to buy his book in hardback form ENDS on 29 May 2017

Please do let interested friends and colleagues know about this opportunity

Please do think ahead to Christmas, Birthdays etc… NO ONE will be able to buy this hardback edition anywhere else, at any other time…

Matthew’s last book sold 25,000 copies and received extraordinary reviews – but this book, well – this is the one he has lived his life to write 🙂

I cant quite believe Fair Acre Press has been given this chance – to publish a ground-breaking, future classic

I am so happy! And its an absolute joy working with Matthew, and reading his manuscript over and over – I love it!!!

Thank you to all who have already bought one or two copies!!

Nadia x


If you don’t already know of Matthew Oates, let me fill you in a bit:

Matthew is a well-known broadcaster and ecologist.

Graduating in English, Matthew then moved into the world of nature conservation and has been at the National Trust since 1990. He is particularly drawn to people’s relationships with nature, places and seasons, and increasingly the impact of weather on wildlife. The National Trust’s current Spirit of Place programme is particularly dear to his heart. The programme will collect the views of people who love a place the National Trust cares for, whether that’s a stretch of coastline, an ancient woodland or a country house. Future conservation work will be guided by understanding what these places mean to people.

Matthew is also a well known broadcaster. He’s made a number of appearances on BBC Radio 4 – from the Today programme and Shared Earth, to presenting two short series: In Pursuit of the Ridiculous and In Pursuit of Spring. His TV credits include The One Show, Springwatch, Great British Summer, and Butterflies – A Very British Obsession. As he says: ‘It’s impossible to visit one of our places without discovering something new, often about oneself. My job is a voyage of discovery.’

Reviews for his most recent book:  In Pursuit of Butterflies:-

Oates … writes entrancingly, with the sunniest good humour. His book, with its old-school, loving erudition, is nature-writing of the sort that never goes out of fashion. The Sunday Times
This book is an infectious, instantly joyful love song to butterflies … Written in prose as delicate and enticing as the creatures themselves, this read will release your inner flutter — Miriam Darlington BBC Wildlife
A joy to read, bubbling with knowledge, enthusiasm and insight. Robert Macfarlane
… a memoir which is knowledgeable, cultured and a welcome throwback to a gently comic kind of English nature writing. The Independent
Oates is unquestionably authentic and his voice is vivid, witty and unapologetic … his writing is suffused with a love for the spirit of the English countryside. The Guardian
Lyrical, eccentric, charming and historical, In Pursuit of Butterflies is altogether unique. Butterfly magazine
One of the best summaries of why nature matters and how we should all care. Spectator
The writing is perfectly judged, combining a gift for story-telling and for conveying fact with an ever-present sensitivity and self-awareness. There is the author’s own poetry too, deeply felt and beautifully crafted. Rare Bird Alert
It reminded me of my childhood delight in butterflies – and indeed rekindled it. — Helen Hewett Cotswolds Life
When the weather turns stormy and the butterfly year is over I can turn to this book and be enchanted once again and dream of days to come next year. Pembrokeshire Life
He [Oates] writes with lyrical affection about the wonderful variety of British butterflies and moths… His enthusiasm is never less than inspiring. Daily Mail
It is his infectious enthusiasm as much as his deep knowledge that makes the book so worthwhile … He writes entrancingly, with the sunniest good humour. His book, with its old-school, almost loving erudition, is nature-writing of the sort that never goes out of fashion. The Sunday Times


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