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Great sales of NHS poetry anthology book

As well as having wonderful endorsements and reviews; it is fabulous to see how well THESE ARE THE HANDS poetry anthology is selling worldwide

We have sold 5,212 copies; with 263 of those having been bought in the USA (they were also printed in the USA :))

and we have raised £11,198.58 from these sales for NHS Charities Together’s Covid 19 Emergency Fund


NHS Poetry Anthology – by NHS Staff about the NHS – FOR the NHS. You can order your copy here

Nadia x


‘This is the writing wing of the NHS. This is where the open heart surgery is. What a beautiful operation. Read on’ – Lemn Sissay

‘A wonderful anthology to celebrate the NHS, which is itself the best poem a country has ever written’ – Stephen Fry

This is a beautiful book: heartfelt and intimate’ – Adam Kay

‘Every ward and waiting room should have a copy’ – Simon Armitage

‘The very heart of who we are and what we are here for. An exciting and wonderful book’ – Michael Rosen

‘It will inspire the next generation of health workers’ – The Nursing Times  full review here

‘This astonishing collection demonstrates an astonishing range of stories from the very heart of our health system.’ – Oxford Poetry Library – full review here

‘Every home should have one: this testament to what it’s really like on that front-line’ – Write Out Loud – full review here

‘It collects poems from across the health service, from doctors to cleaners’ – The guardian – full review here

‘The first poetry anthology to give a voice to NHS staff at a critically important time for the NHS and its future’ – The Psychologist… – full review here

‘A timely one’ – David Nicholls

‘Fearless, reverent and incredibly touching, this beautiful anthology illuminates and supports the vital work of the ones who care for us, from the moment of birth to the end of life’ – Waterstones

‘Accessible and engaging. While many of the poems in this anthology are intensely moving, there is plenty of humour’ – BJGP (British Journal of General Practice) – full review here

‘A unique insight into the real experiences of the people at the heart of the NHS’ – Atrium Poetry – Book of the Month


This anthology offers a unique insight into the real experiences of the people at the heart of the NHS – from the student nurse at the start of his career to the heart surgeon on the eve of her retirement. We also hear the stories of those whose vital work is often unseen and unsung from domestic cleaning staff to sign language interpreters. The poems offer unflinchingly honest and intimate accounts from the people who care for us from the moment of birth to the end of life. In crystallising the most beautiful and painful moments of being human, they speak directly to all our experience. Above all these poems are about our shared humanity. They are about the compassion and care that lie at the heart of the NHS and in all our lives. They also serve as a stark reminder of the human cost of trying to offer compassionate care in a system that is underfunded and understaffed and the importance of showing the same compassion and support to the staff we depend on to hold the NHS together. Leading UK poets have donated poems to this anthology including Michael Rosen, Roger McGough, Lemn Sissay, Sabrina Mahfouz, Kate Clanchy, Sam Guglani, Charly Cox, Molly Case, Wendy Cope and the estates of UA Fanthorpe, Dannie Abse and Julia Darling. All proceeds from this book will go to NHS Charities Together which supports over 135 official NHS Charities raising money for NHS hospitals, ambulance services, community and mental health services across the UK.

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