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Help bring this HARDBACK nature book into the world!! x

THE BOOK COVER  of Beyond Spring – Wanderings through Nature… an update
– if you would like to read more about this book, buy a limited edition HARDBACK copy of the book, or donate to Fair Acre Press please click here – it is a safe, easy-to-use site which you now can use as a guest/don’t need to register.


The book cover here is the draft of the cover.
It is with the wonderful graphic designer TIM KEATES – who designed the cover and the whole of WILDERLAND – wildlife and wonder from the Shropshire Borders… which won a FIVE STAR REVIEW from the largest photography magazine in the UK.
He has a wonderful eye, and a pedantic temperament which I adore… as it means he fiddles and fiddles until it is just right!
I designed the draft cover here, but I know it will look SO much better after Tim’s magic touch!

Thank you to all our backers, and if you haven’t backed this campaign I do hope you will consider doing so – as you will receive the most wonderful limited edition hardback edition of Matthew Oates’ book as a thank you!!

Nadia x


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