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Introducing the Maligned Species team: Keith Chandler

Poet, Keith Chandler.

Keith Chandler


cover: Nadia Kingsley

Keith Chandler moved to Bridgnorth from Norfolk four years ago.  Since being selected for Ten English Poets (Carcanet) in 1977, his poetry has been published in four collections: Kett’s Rebellion (Carcanet, 1982), A Passing Trade (OUP, 1991), A Different Kind of Smoke (Redbeck, 2001) and The English Civil War Part 2 (Peterloo Poets, 2009).  He won a runner up prize in The National Poetry Competition in 2012. Fair Acre Press published a pamphlet The Grandpa Years in 2014.

Keith Chandler says:

Though usually reluctant to take part in commissioned creative writing – I’ve seen too much weak writing to order – I accepted the chance to take part in this project partly out of a sympathy with “underdog” species, partly from a sense that, rather than a “cherry picking” approach to Nature which favours its more cuddly or exotic aspects, we must try to experience our planet as a working whole, but mainly out of respect for Fair Acre Press which, most unusually, views the poetic and scientific processes as mutually supportive. I’m hoping that this project will inspire a variety of enjoyable and thought-provoking writing.

Maligned Species: Poetry. Science. And you.


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