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Introducing the Maligned Species team: Liz Lefroy

Poet, Liz Lefroy.

Liz Lefroy


Cover: Nadia Kingsley


Liz Lefroy won the 2011 Roy  Fisher Prize resulting in the publication of her first pamphlet, Pretending the Weather (Long Face Press).  Her sequence, The Gathering, was set to music by Brian Evans and premiered at the St Chad’s Music Festival, Shrewsbury in 2012.  Mending The Ordinary was published by Fair Acre Press in 2014.  Liz runs the popular monthly event, Shrewsbury Poetry, and has enjoyed performing at a variety of venues including most of Shropshire’s libraries, The Cheltenham Festival, Theatre Severn, The Edinburgh Fringe and Wrexham Carnival of Words.  In 2015 I curated the first Poetry Busk at Wenlock Poetry Festival.

Liz Lefroy says:

I agreed to get involved in the Maligned Species project because Nadia Kingsley’s enthusiasm is infectious. So I signed up in a sense of trust and privilege. I do not think of myself as a poet who writes much about nature, so what interests me about the subject matter is the human interaction with species and the way stigma works. I have spent most of my working life with people who’ve been marginalised by society, so maybe I’m drawn to these species on the edge, which have been pushed out beyond the usual limits of what we find acceptable.

Maligned Species: Poetry. Science. And you.


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