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Matthew Oates and SPRINGBOARD

Creative weekends: fun, art, writing, fire, stars.
£290 including accommodation and meals. JUST SIX PLACES
for more details please email or phone 01691 239 466 or click here and go to the fair acre press website’s SPRINGBOARD page

MATTHEW OATES is the world expert on the Purple Emperor butterfly and was the National Trust’s specialist in nature for 30 years!

His ability to share knowledge and love of nature is trusted and pursued by producers of both TV and radio.

He adores Edward Thomas’ writings

He is author of several books including the critically acclaimed BEYOND SPRING: Wanderings through Nature (Fair Acre Press 2017); he wrote poetry and prose for the book Shropshire Butterflies – a poetry and art guide to the butterflies of Shropshire (Fair Acre Press 2011); and Nadia interviewed him for a MALIGNED SPECIES podcast on Stinging Nettles.
He loves woods, so Nadia can’t wait to show him, and you, the tree that features on the front cover of his book!

Join Nadia Kingsley poet, colourer-in, and editor of Fair Acre Press with Paul Kielty artist, origami-ist, cartoonist and a special guest for a SPRINGBOARD weekend this spring!

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