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#MeToo Poetry Anthology launches on International Women’s Day, March 8th

Fair Acre Press is humbly proud to be publishing the anthology edited by Deborah Alma  #MeToo – rallying against sexual assault and harrassment: A women’s poetry anthology   which is published on 8th March 2018 – International Women’s Day

The #MeToo social media phenomenon, as you will know, started/ restarted when several women came out into the open about being sexually assaulted or abused by Harvey Weinstein – a huge Hollywood film producer. After that, there were more allegations – from both women and men – and although I was personally shocked that the people being accused were being judged by the media without ever going to court – the way the rest of Hollywood reacted it seemed that everybody already knew what was going on but,  just like with Jimmy Saville, they were keeping shtum. I watched the pre-Oscar “Film 2018” this week – and it made me laugh as all the female actors decided to show solidarity with their female colleagues that had been brave enough to say publicly that they had been sexually harrassed or assaulted – by all wearing devastatingly gorgeous designer BLACK dresses… but then that IS Hollywood!

What was enormous – was that this magic fairytale land’s experience prompted a huge social media response in the real world. Women – some for the first time in their lives – felt safe to share what had happened to them.

I have tears welling up writing this – because I had no idea – not only what has happened to friends and strangers – but also the level of shame, guilt, sense that they brought it on themselves, and a fear of how they would be viewed if they actually talked about it – that so women have been carrying around with them…

Deb Alma and many women, including poets were discussing and sharing #MeToo on facebook and someone said there needs to be a documentation of these stories – and so Deb (who has edited the bestselling Emergency Poet and Everyday Poet anthologies as well as spent a lot of time working within the care sector) volunteered to create this poetry anthology.

She had some lovely offers of publishing but in the end came to me, as we swam, to discuss what she should do – we both recognised that this was a very unusual book, project, and what needed to be honoured throughout the process. I offered to publish it.

It wasn’t an easy decision – because I don’t really like anything that then excludes others: in this instance – as it is a women’s anthology – I felt uncomfortable about a book that so explicitly concerns itself with just the female experience

 –  but I decided to trust in Deb.


I was right to do so. She has brought together the most amazing book.

It has been quite a journey – and is only just starting for the book… Festivals, bookshops, papers, radio, events are all supportive of it. It has come out of  #MeToo and proudly stands there with it.

This is a book that has been created by women – for everyone. No one has been paid (not even Fair Acre Press’ rep who volunteered immediately to support it)

All money after print costs and postage will be donated to the charity Women’s Aid.

I am offering books to any Women’s refuge or ANY Survivor group for £5 incl p&p as we already have feedback that it is helping :). So if you know a group that might like to take up this offer please do approach them or email me on if you would like to donate a copy to them

There are, by the way, many events in the coming week, and beyond that. Most are listed on the #MeToo book page. We would love to see you ALL there xx


Nadia xx

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