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My Name is Mercy review!

Here is a great review of Martin Figura’s wonderful pamphlet from his residency at Salisbury hospital during the height of the pandemic

It is by Khadija Rouf for THE FRIDAY POEM and says:

The impact of Figura’s pamphlet is lasting, palpable and deeply affecting. My Name is Mercy was published in December 2021 and is an astonishing and moving insight into the unmapped experiences of staff and patients across an intensely traumatic time. The poems reflect a range of staff experiences including ICU nurses, clinical psychology, pathology, hospital chaplains, the End of Life Team and, of course, the patients. The poems chart this time in a variety of poetic forms which give a variety of rhythm and pace in the collection, drawing the reader along through an emotional journey of highs and lows.

Long after the Thursday nights of clapping and cheering for the NHS has finished, this is a special testament to the experiences of NHS staff. It is full of humanity, and I was moved to tears by several of the poems. It will resonate with many and it serves as a powerful testimonial for those who were deeply, personally and occupationally affected by working through pandemic. Figura has crafted a beautiful collection of compassionate and respectful poems. It was a privilege to read it.

You can read the full review here

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