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NHS Birthday July 5th

Hi everyone

I am sure you all know it’s the birthday of the NHS on July 5th

We are celebrating with the launch of the videos Louise Winters and her team recorded – and have now uploaded on youtube

You can watch a performance length video

Or can watch individual poems.

If you subscribe you will have bookmarked them. You will find them here

The book is #1 bestseller on amazon poetry anthology list this week!

It is #2 bestseller on all of amazon’s poetry list – behind a free audible audiobook this week!

Michael Rosen is out of hospital!! after 7 weeks in an induced coma.

I have sold over 150 copies from home this week thanks to his title poem and his ongoing support of the book, and the fact he was interviews by The Sunday Observer last week and was on the BBC News online – both places mentioned our poetry anthology that is by the NHS, about the NHS, and for the NHS

We are donating over ten thousand pounds from book sales to NHS CHARITIES TOGETHER’s Covid 19 Emergency Fund

Nadia x

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