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Podcast on Grey Squirrels

Welcome! Here is a podcast on Grey Squirrels:

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John Handley tells us some facts about the grey squirrel for the Maligned Species project. Here – to inspire you to observe, read about, and write poems about grey squirrels and other maligned species of the UK.

Do you know how common they are? And how they manage to run both up and down trees? Do you know what a grey squirrel eats? Or what eats them?

John Handley tells us about their homes, how long they have been in the UK, and the ‘greys versus reds’ story.

Furry tails, cheeky faces, and so much more!

– we hope you enjoy it


John Handley

and click here to find more podcasts, writing, and details about the Maligned Species project

Part of the Maligned Species project: a free online resource involving both ecologists and poets – the aim is to encourage poetry-writing on the subject of spiders, frogs, stinging nettles, and grey squirrels – culminating in four poetry ebooks – one on each subject.

SWT_Logo_RGB_SMLMonies from the sale of the Grey Squirrel ebook (priced £2.99 and available from February 2016) will be donated to Shropshire Wildlife Trust – who plan a Maligned Species Grey Squirrel event at their Darwin Festival 12 – 14 February 2016.

Submissions for poetry will be open in January 2016 at

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