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Park Geese, West Park, Wolverhampton – by Paul Kielty

Here are all the blogs, written by Nadia Kingsley, as part of the Urban Birds Project, aka DIVERSIFLY.

Click on the purple heading to read any specific blog which includes interesting nuggets about birds, quotes from books, poems and artwork I found interesting online.

The book DIVERSIFLY will be available to buy from January 2018

You will find some really interesting PODCASTS from some of our top Nature Poets and an Urban Birder  – free to listen to, and download, on the website from January 2018 as well.

I hope you find this permanent resource useful, Nadia x

#1 Cor! It’s Spring – on corvids

#2 Not all Blackbirds are Black Birds – on blackbirds

#3 With One Swallow – on swallows

#4 Nice weather for ducks – on ducks

#5 Fancy pigeons? – on feral pigeons

#6 Towing the line? Or making the most of a shortcut? – on Britain’s urban canals

#7 Little Brown Birds – on dunnocks, sparrows and wrens

#8 Late night out? – on nocturnal birds

#9 The sky as sea – on starlings

#10 Two for Joy – on magpies

#11 The trouble with Seagulls – on seagulls

#12 A Bit of a Tit – on blue, great and long-tailed tits

#13 The Dawning – Dawn Chorus

#14 Urban Living – studies about our Urban Birds

#15 Swanning About – on mute swans and Canada geese

#16 It’s Exotic, innit – on parakeets and hoopoes

#17 Record Breaker – on peregrine falcons

#18 Ending Swiftly – on swifts

   This project is supported by public funding through the Arts Council England