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“Read this novel to understand why Stoke had largest Brexit vote”

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Sitting Ducks by Lisa Blower has received another great review.

From Richard Lakin – who, it says, lives in Staffordshire, England. For STRUCTO MAGAZINE:

“Lisa Blower isn’t alone in using literature to explore post-industrial Britain, but where others may struggle for authenticity, her first novel convincingly captures the world of zero-hours contracts and profiteering landlords.

Stoke-on-Trent is the setting, but the city-region better known as the Potteries is much more than a backdrop, running through the book like the lettering in a stick of rock.

Lisa Blower has created strong characters and given a timely voice to the legions of people struggling to regain a sense of purpose, pride and community.

There is a stark message about what has been lost, but if this all sounds too depressing or without hope, it isn’t.

Humour is always there. 
There is tenderness and beauty too.
Characters are summed up with economy and skill.

British politicians have been scratching their heads in recent months and if they really don’t understand the frustration that exists out there, they should read this book.

For the full review go here

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