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See Emma Purshouse at Paul Francis launch!

I have just watched a new video by Emma Purshouse from I Once knew a poem who wore a hat – the award-winning children’s poetry book Fair Acre Press was lucky enough to publish!

I was agog at every word – even though I know the iguana poem SO well – and laughed out loud at the end! If you fancy a few moments of pure joy click on this link to youtube and you too can see it!!


I am so happy that Emma is joining Paul Francis on April 25th 2021 from 5pm to 6pm at our zoom event to celebrate the publication of Paul’s new collection  Rescue from the Dark – and his first publication with Fair Acre Press. I am hoping Emma will read from her new novel Dogged !

I have been a fan of Paul’s work for a very long time and am so proud of this new collection which has politics both personal and global at its heart; and has such heart. This book is very much a collaboration – Paul was kind enough to let me choose and order the poems within it. It shows how we are not alone, and how each of us can make a difference, aswell as an excellent poem about Dominic Cummings!

We are also lucky enough to be joined by Stella Wulf whose poetry pamphlet A Spell in the Woods includes her wonderful artwork as well as her poems; and the wonderful John Mills whose pamphlet No Guiding Star came out last autumn

Join the members of the Fair Acre Press family – for a free zoom event – you need to register here to be sure you receive the zoom link. 

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