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Baby Peter by Maisie Hill and Selima Hill



66pp Black and white inners 29 sequence sections and 29 photographs

Publication date: 25th April 2024



‘Selima Hill is an inimitable talent. The mind is fragile and unreliable in her poetry, but is also tenacious and surprising, capable of the most extraordinary responses, always fighting back with language as its survival kit. Life in general might be said to be her subject, the complications, contradictions and consequences of simply existing. Nevertheless, Hill’s writing is eminently readable and approachable, even fun at times, the voice of a person and a poet who will not be quieted and will not conform to expectations, especially poetic ones.’ Simon Armitage

Maisie Hill has been taking photographs non-stop since being a teenager. She creates personal work and professional commissions. Selima Hill is her mother.

Selima Hill is a writer who enjoys working with artists and taking her dog for walks and she would like to thank her fellow dog walkers for keeping her on her toes.


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