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Mug – a Matt Hazard original


Limited edition mug (only 36 ever and always!)

by mattoonist Paul Kielty aka kieltyascharged (whose cartoon book is endorsed by the revered Hunt Emerson)

post and packing included in price

No self-respecting hot beverage drinker should be without one…


Be one of only 36 people that will ever own this mug!

A Matt Hazard original – by “mattonist” Paul Kielty

This mug will not only help satisfy your thirst – but keeps you laughing all the way to the sink

The “You’re making a difference” toon is printed on both sides of the mug in glorious monocolour

It will arrive, unbroken, through the post


What more could anyone want?

Oh.. perhaps a book of mattons to read while sipping at your tea, coffee or other hot beverage?

Go here to read what the famous and revered cartoonist Hunt Emerson has to say about the Matt Hazard collection: Return of the Naive


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