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New KINDLE version of Sitting Ducks , & other recent news about the book

Sitting Ducks cover for website 1Some news about Sitting Ducks, and its author Lisa Blower…

Sitting Ducks is now available on KINDLE – for £4.99 click here to buy

Ahead of Lisa Blower appearing at Latitude Festival 2016 she has been interviewed for Oxford and you can read this here

Lisa was recently at Stoke-on-Trent’s Hot Air Festival at the Emma Bridgewater factory and there is a lovely interview here for the website

About Sitting Ducks:

“Meagre in build. Mouthy in nature. One good owner and pottery trained: Josiah ‘Totty’ Minton is bang out of sick notes and harbouring the dream of a three-bed semi with bay windows, fully-fitted carpets and enough of a garden to stretch his legs.”

It’s the 2010 general election. Labour has lost its footing and the country is in disarray. But somewhere in the arse pocket of Stoke on Trent, a mother and son are waging their campaign against the state, the system, and predatory landlord Malcolm Gandy, to remain in their council-owned home.

Lisa Blower’s debut is a novel for our times that will have you laughing out loud then raging at the page.

For more reviews – by Stuart Maconie, Niall Griffiths, Luke Wright, Contemporary Small Press, New Welsh Review, The Writes of Women, Herald Scotland, and more – go here


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