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SPRINGBOARD – a Creative weekend – May 24 to 26, 2019

Fancy a weekend surrounded by undulating fields, woodland birds and the flickering flames of a firepit?

A weekend where you leave your anxieties and self-judgement about creating on the doorstep?

A weekend of idea, laughter, and expansion?

email me on [email protected] or
phone on 01691 239 466
if you would like to book one of the last spaces on the weekend of May 24 to 26th, 2019
or have any questions

“I have always found Primrose Cottage to be a haven of good will
in the lovely North Shropshire countryside.
Nadia herself is a wonderful encourager, and exemplar, of living the fully creative life.”
Keith Chandler, winner of National Poetry Competition prize and The International Rubery Award.

Springboard, at Fair Acre Press, is flinging its double gates open for the first time and we are inviting YOU to join us. Be one of
SIX people
Nadia Kingsley, Paul Kielty, and special guest Sara Lanyon
for £290
accommodation and meals included

“Nadia and Paul are both such lovely people
and you will be so warmly welcomed and looked after in this beautiful setting”
Deborah Alma – The Emergency Poet

Both Nadia and Paul believe:

that everyone needs to create and can create
that the process or the ‘journey’ is as fulfilling as the final result or destination
that we need to trick our minds into allowing ourselves to play
in encouraging and supporting everyone equally.

“My first visit to Nadia’s home found me quickly leaving behind the main Oswestry to Welshpool road and climbing up to stunning views of hills in the distance and a charming wooded garden all around the house itself.
The aspen trees were shimmering and the atmosphere was immediately one of calm.
I can imagine this setting being hugely inspirational and perfect for a few days total emergence in creative pursuits.”
Pat Edwards – Director of Welshpool Poetry Festival


Nadia Kingsley is a poet, short story writer, potter and colourer-in-er who is the director and editor of the award-winning Fair Acre Press. She has curated 4 Arts Council England-supported projects and run a poetry and music festival supported by Arts Council Wales

Paul Kielty is a fine artist working with oils, watercolour, acrylics, on a tablet or iPad, has an acclaimed book of cartoons published, and has dedicated 15 years to studying the art of Origami

Together they have run successful workshops throughout the West Midlands over 20 years; and favour a relaxed individual-centred approach allowing individuals’ unique creativity to blossom and grow

Nadia’s rural home and garden is spacious and surrounded by woodland, fields and undulating landscape; and the Milky Way!

Sara Lanyon is an artist who has been the Biodiversity tutor at Open University, a Senior Tutor at Field Studies Council; and is an expert on Charles Darwin’s childhood having campaigned and overseen the restoration of his childhood garden and co-authored a children’s book about him. She is fun, energetic and knowledgeable. Sara and Nadia collaborated on an event on Darwin for Merefest 2017. When Sara first visited Primrose Cottage she could not believe her favourite wildflower bank in the whole of Shropshire was here!

Email [email protected] or phone Nadia on 01691 239 466


You are invited to arrive on Friday for an evening of food, fun, relaxation and excitement. Our little group will quickly get to know eachother, so we can enjoy and play with being creative in all sorts of ways, throughout the weekend. We are all looking forward to meeting you.

4 double bedrooms, space for campervans and even some flat grass for tents – and if you prefer you can organise your own accommodation/ stay at home if local.

You will wake on Saturday to birdsong and lambs and the smell (and taste!) of coffee and breakfast.

Surrounded by undulating landscape, woodland birds and frolicking lambs

Paul and Nadia will share warm-up ideas about creating pictures and words… before we head out into the beautiful countryside that surrounds Primrose Cottage – with our special guest, Sara Lanyon.
Sara has been “handpicked” for her knowledge, expertise, and
enthusiasm for sharing with and encouraging others.

One of the many amazing trees around Primrose Cottage

By the time you are walking back through Primrose Cottage’s double gates and choosing your space round the table, under the nearest tree, curled up in an armchair, or by one of the ponds – you may be ready to play with text, colour, line and everything inbetween, but if you aren’t we will be on hand with playful suggestions, throughout the weekend. We are practiced at person-centred guidance and will support you as much or as little as you want.

In the evening enjoy a well-earned and delicious home-cooked meal, good company and a fire – and (if the weather allows) the Milky Way!

There is space to breathe

On Sunday there will be a late brunch with time and space to relax, create more, read, walk, or whatever, before you make your way home again: hopefully changed for the better!

We will provide some art and writing materials – but if there is something you particularly want with you, please bring it along.

A Chilean Fire Bush at Primrose Cottage


£290 – for a weekend that includes the input from Nadia, Paul and the special guest you desire; the accommodation and all meals

only SIX spaces available on each weekend

01691 239 466

[email protected]

On the rural border of North Shropshire and Wales

the nearest train station is GOBOWEN – we are happy to collect/ drop you off

there is free offroad parking

your satnav gets you here safely

Whatever the weather – expect sunshine

email me on [email protected] or
phone on 01691 239 466
if you would like to book one of the last spaces on the weekend of May 24 to 26th

If you can’t make it yourself this year – I would be very grateful if you could share this page with your creative and nature-loving friends. Please sign up for the Fair Acre Press enewsletter if you would like to hear about future day and weekend workshops and our books and participatory projects in art, writing and nature