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Two for joy: DIVERSIFLY BLOG #10

About ten years ago, I was an eBay addict – when I opened one of my impulse buys I made myself jump out of my skin… it was a taxidermied magpie. Perhaps because of the song* – I ended up buying two. As I write this I wonder if I have grown in some way […]

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Late Night Out?: DIVERSIFLY BLOG #8

or early start to your day? and you have a chance to see the birds of the night…or hear them…. This Blog is part of the DIVERSIFLY project: For more details on the project go here Uncertain about whether owls would set up home in urban territories, as successfully as say the peregrine falcon I decided to […]

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With One Swallow… DIVERSIFLY BLOG #3

“One Swallow Does Not a Summer Make, neither does one fine day” I never knew, until googling it now – that this saying is attributed to Aristotle (384 BC – 322 BC) The Oxford Dictionary says this of the Swallows saying:proverb: A single fortunate event doesn’t mean that what follows will also be good. It seems to […]

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New: A Year in Herbs

A Year in Herbs is a celebration of twelve herbs used in modern herbal medicine – through prose, poetry and artwork. And a celebration of medical herbalist Jayne Palmer opening a shop and treatment room on the High Street of Honiton, in Devon. Nadia Kingsley has been writing a poem a month for the past two […]

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