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Fancy Pigeons?: DIVERSIFLY BLOG #5

The poor old pigeon, it’s not very well liked is it? Even its name “Feral Pigeon” sounds dirty and unwanted. But wherever you live in Britain, if you are in a town or city – you will be lucky enough to see them, often I know, I know – Sky Rats, they are called, and […]

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Next Generation Poets in Birmingham !

Gregory Leadbetter and Jonathan Davidson are two poets whose work I love and go back to again and again. They are also champions of poetry – and on Tuesday night this week – because of their passion and organisational skills – I was able to see two of the Next Generation Poets…   I was […]

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Death, Life and Poetry

When my Mum died in September I felt an intense urgency to work on a poem that I had written the month before. I had to do it, but I was rather concerned about my behaviour, and thought maybe I was avoiding thinking about ‘things’ … but when, and only when I had finished the […]

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