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A bit of a tit : DIVERSIFLY BLOG #12

First things first: let’s just for a moment deal with the word ‘tit’. Since the nineteenth century, it has been used as a slang word for breast, but its origins come from early-fourteenth-century usage meaning ‘small’ or ‘a small creature’. Hope that clears things up. So says Bill Bailey in his Remarkable Guide to British […]

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Two for joy: DIVERSIFLY BLOG #10

About ten years ago, I was an eBay addict – when I opened one of my impulse buys I made myself jump out of my skin… it was a taxidermied magpie. Perhaps because of the song* – I ended up buying two. As I write this I wonder if I have grown in some way […]

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Podcast on Nadia Kingsley

Welcome ! Here is a podcast with poet Nadia Kingsley. How would you write about –the Common Mouse Ear plant, the Andromeda Galaxy, or wildlife within a project about Olympic athletes? Nadia tells us how she approaches a subject, and also treats us to some fact-based poems from Shropshire Butterflies, Lawn Lore, e-x-p-a-n-d-i-n-g: The history […]

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Podcast on Poet David Calcutt

Welcome ! Here is a podcast with poet David Calcutt How would you write about – the nature of a trout as sensed by a fisherman, a magpie if you saw it killing a chick, or two dead badgers at the side of a road? In conversation with Nadia Kingsley, David Calcutt reads and discusses some […]

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A poem for Anna Dreda

I love reading this one – in fact – I have a couple of readings coming up – one at The Poetry Lounge, Ludlow 7th July 7:30pm start at The Blue Boar, Mill St, Ludlow; and one at Mid Wales Arts Centre, Caersws on 9th July…. I think I will give it an airing ! It […]

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This was a question I was recently asked to answer – on behalf of Wenlock Poetry Festival and their search for the second ever Shropshire Young Poet Laureate. It was one of several questions. The answers that I and other poetry lovers gave can be found on Unfortunately I got somewhat carried away –  there wasn’t […]

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David Calcutt talks about one of his poems

 Before Dawn by David Calcutt I was lying awake In a darkness so utter and complete I could feel it brushing against my skin A no-place, where end and beginning Had little meaning A labyrinth without minotaur or thread. Some sound had awoken me. Was it my wife’s slow breathing Or the far-off bark of […]

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Performances 2013

        ROAD KILL PERFORMANCES IN 2013:   These are the confirmed dates- see below. I will add more in the future. I do hope we will meet at one of these venues! Entrance is free, unless indicated otherwise. REVIEWS OF ROAD KILL PERFORMANCES: BILSTON VOICES April 2013 The headliners, and second […]

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