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Poems for Maligned Species ebooks welcomed !!

Happy New Year from the Maligned Species project! We do hope you have been enjoying the podcasts and the writing from our four ecologists and nine poets. Maligned Species is an Arts Council England funded project – hoping to encourage YOU to write poetry with a more scientific slant than you are, perhaps, used to… […]

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Podcast on Jonathan Edwards

Welcome ! Here is a podcast with poet Jonathan Edwards. How would you write about – a seal, a hippopotamus, your grandfather? Jonathan also treats us to poems about Houdini, the Covent Garden Theatre in 1775, his father and reveals how he approaches a subject. In conversation with Nadia Kingsley, Jonathan Edwards reads and discusses some of […]

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Podcast on Poet Tom Wentworth

    Welcome ! Here is a podcast with poet and playwright Tom Wentworth How would you write about – a butterfly called the Gatekeeper, the White letter hairstreak, or even the moon? In conversation with Nadia Kingsley, Tom Wentworth reads and discusses some of his poems, his scripts and how he writes.       […]

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the Poetry on Spiders ebook cover

Would you like YOUR poem to be included in the Poetry on Spiders ebook ? – it will be available to buy from February 2016; and will be adorned by this wonderful cover by artist Giancarlo Facchinetti If so – check back here in January 2016 – to see how to submit your poem(s) The Maligned Species project […]

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artist Giancarlo Facchinetti on Spiders cover art

I have known Giancarlo Facchinetti now for sixteen years. We first met at a sculpture exhibition: he was exhibiting his second year work along with three other Fine Art students from the University of Wolverhampton. I was surprised, delighted by and deeply moved by his work then, and he has continued to move many with his creativity: […]

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Podcast on Poet Emma Purshouse

Welcome ! Here is a podcast with poet Emma Purshouse   How would you write about – a butterfly called the Essex Skipper, the fact that astrophysicists can only account for about 4% of the Universe, or the eradication of smallpox? In conversation with Nadia Kingsley, Emma Purshouse reads and discusses some of her poems, and […]

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On meeting Brett Westwood

Visiting naturalist Brett Westwood, and walking with him round the block, in Stourbridge, West Midlands I had met Brett once before – when he had very kindly travelled up to Morville in Shropshire to listen to poetry and see some art in Morville Church, hosted by Katherine Swift, author of The Morville Hours: at the […]

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Writing on Spiders, from Brett Westwood

7/10/2015 DIADEMS AND DEW: GARDEN SPIDERS After a week of high pressure, this morning the garden is drenched in October rain and the full extent of the takeover is there to see, picked out in glistening droplets. Every bush is festooned with the sagging geometry of webs, stretched out of shape by their dewy burden, […]

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