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The first day of the rest of my blogging life

I know. It may look like there are previous ‘posts’

but, thanks to William Gallagher  

I now have a proper blogging page … I have found my Grail.

“So. Just to recap” he softly said, just yesterday, ” You no longer have those 200 thousand spam comments on the website, you have a plug-in to prevent more in the future; and because there will always be a smattering that get in under the wire, another plug-in which gives you a really easy way to delete those. You have a blog. And a shortcut straight to it. You click ‘Add new post’ then ‘Publish’ – we have got rid of that page pretending to be a blog, lost those unnecessary subheadings…”

As he spoke, I zoned out.  I was thinking – you have forgotten to mention those lead weights of embarrassment, helmet of failure, overcoat of inertia – those too have been deleted. So.

Now I have a blog. What will I do with it ..?

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