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The Word Bin podcast

The Word Bin podcast starts on Monday 15th June at 8am

Click below to hear the trailer:

Thanks to many enthusiastic intelligent and generous “word-binners” I have published the first season of 15 episodes – which will be released (if I have sorted the tech out correctly!) on itunes, spotify, and your favourite podcast app every week day at 8am

If you like it please subscribe, review – and share it with others

The future of the podcast depends on more “word-binners” stepping forwards and sending me their audio about what word they would like to bin and why

Click here for more details about making the recording and also to hear a few of the podcasts once they are published

Each podcast is only 5 minute-ish long. But I hope they will entertain you through your day!

This is an unfunded project; an idea I have been meaning to follow through on for almost 3 years now! I am so excited how they sound. I do hope you like it. Any comments or criticisms would be very welcome. I am on a steep learning curve :).

I thank Ronaldo Alvez for the arresting logo, and Paul Kielty for the use of his music

and YOU for listening!

Nadia x


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