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Vote for OFFCUMDENS please!

I am so delighted to say that OFFCUMDENS has been shortlisted in the collaborative work section of Saboteur Awards 2022

It is a book about YORKSHIRE – with photos and poems

You can read more about the book here, so if you don’t know of it you will see photos, poems and reviews and endorsements to help you decide whether you think it deserves your vote. You can also buy it here too!

You can vote for it here – it is incredibly quick to do – must do it before May 7th.

Also that there is a special mention for My Name is Mercy by Martin Figura in the poetry pamphlet section

and that Fair Acre Press was given a special mention too under the Innovative Publisher award!!! Wheee! First time Ive been described as innovative!!


all the very best

Nadia x

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