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Xmas present suggestions!

for the nature lover Wilderland cover and pics andrew fusek peters-1

for the childI once knew a poem who wore a hat front cover for website 1


for the grandfather: The-Grandpa-Years-cover-JPEG-for-website


for the novel reader: Sitting Ducks cover for website 1


for the historian: William-Penny-Brookes-book-cover-Fair-Acre-Press



for the poet: COVER-Through-the-Woods-for-fap-website   Road Kill by Nadia Kingsley and David Calcutt   The Grandpa Years by Keith Chandler   Blueprints for a Minefield 1   Quilted cover for website 1   Mending the Ordinary front cover for website 1


for you, while thinking about thinking about Xmas: Poetry on Spiders ebook cover for website 1  Poetry on Grey Squirrels 1Poetry on Stinging Nettles ebook cover for website 1Poetry on Frogs ebook cover for website 1

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