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You tube vid of MATTHEW OATES book

As we recently experienced the autumn equinox –  and the nights have started drawing in –  I don’t know about YOU, but I have started curling up on the sofa with a good book!!

But before I did – I made this youtube video about Matthew Oates’ wonderful book Beyond Spring

I apologise about the visuals ie having to look at me 🙂 but it IS well worth watching to hear one of the chapters of the book

A book that was not only shortlisted for both the BBC COUNTRYFILE MAGAZINE‘s Country book of the year and Richard Jeffries award – but was also in THE GUARDIAN‘s list of best nature books of that year

I am extraordinarily proud of it

It is available in paperback, and also I am offering the limited edition of the hardback currently at a special offer of half price plus p&p. I won’t mention the C word or will I?…..  It certainly makes an amazing C present or autumn/winter present for yourself!!

Nadia x

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