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Competition rules – Poetry Pamphlet

Terms and Conditions for Fair Acre Press Poetry Pamphlet Competition 2015/16

NB Your file name, before you upload it must start with ONE or TWO – so that Jonathan Edwards knows which category you have entered

e.g. save file as ” ONE My Holiday Poems” if your title is my holiday poems of course !

For those who don’t want to pay via paypal – when you are sent to Paypal – it gives you the choice of clicking onto other forms of payment – do this, and you can pay by credit card.

  • Submissions that do not fulfill the requirements will not be judged, and the entry fee may be forfeited.
  • There is a standard fee of £12 per entry
  • The submission page will be visible from 1st November 2015
  • Make sure you enter the category you wish to enter
  • You may submit as many collections/ entries as you wish.
  • Your name must not appear anywhere on the manuscript
  • Online entries can be submitted up to midnight on the 30th November 2015
  • You will receive an automatic online confirmation of your submission, once your submission is completed.
  • The two winners will be contacted directly. The results will be posted on the Fair Acre website on 4th March 2016
  • No postal entries are accepted – sorry. We do hope you can find someone to help you with an online entry – or try your local library if you are in the UK.
  • Entries are welcome from around the world, but must be written in English.
  • There is no theme, but we do not accept poetry written for children.
  • Your work

Up to 30 sides (known as pages) of poetry – each page no longer than 30 lines.

Dingy-Skipper-on-my-thumb-Wyre-forest-15.5.103These thirty lines include any title and any line breaks between the title and the first verse; and all line breaks between the verses.

That probably sounds very complicated – but it is so we are sure we can publish it at the high level of production that we are used to, and so that we will be printing a pamphlet with a maximum of 36 pages. This will then be eligible for submission to the Michael Marks Pamphlet Award.

Here are some examples:

ONE PAGE may include, for example, the maximum of:

A title, a line break, then a poem of 28 lines that is not divided into any verses OR

A title, a line break, a poem which is made up of seven verses of 3 lines each, with line breaks between each.

Of course the pamphlet could be made up of one long poem, 30 single paged poems, or anything inbetween.

  • Poems may have been published elsewhere, but must not have previously appeared as a published collection.
  • Copyright remains with the authors
  • The judge’s decision is final. If in the judge’s opinion no collection achieves a high enough standard, no prizewinner will be chosen.
  • Entry in the competition will be deemed to be acceptance of these conditions.

Fair Acre Press is able to embark on this competition adventure thanks to the support of the Arts Council England: in that they have made the technology behind its smooth running achievable for Fair Acre Press. Thank you A.C.E.!Print