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Umbrella is an animation project involving Paul Kielty as lead artist, students from Derwen College and Qube Gallery

Paul Kielty, in the early part of 2020 worked with students at Derwen College – supporting them in creating animations

The work will be exhibited at Qube Gallery, Oswestry from  September 24th to October 26th 2020 (new dates) alongside work that students from Derwen College have achieved during Lockdown, with the support from their Derwen College teachers

There will be an eBook available to buy here – to help you make animations




Paul has a degree in animation from the University of Wolverhampton. He co-ran digital art workshops at both Derwen College and Designs in Mind in the Painting by Pixels project

He runs Origami workshops, and makes origami, foils paper, creates his own origami designs on a daily basis

He has a book of cartoons out:  Matt Hazard – The Return of the Naive  – “Matt Hazard comes from way out on the left field, and bounces off the walls on his way in, and I laughed out loud frequently!” Hunt Emerson

He also paints using oils, watercolours and digital means.




This project has been supported  by public funding through the Arts Council England