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Ahead of the Olympics: Here’s just the thing…

William Penny Brookes front cover for website 1In 2012 Paul Francis had the idea of creating a collection of prose and poetry written by Bridgnorth Writer’s Group and putting some of them in a pamphlet.

I was so impressed with the poems about William Penny Brookes – who – along with Pierre Coubertin (have I got that right? am writing this from memory…) – was  the founder of the Modern Olympics – that I asked the three poets if I could create a pamphlet just of these

I went to see Katherine Swift (author of The Morville Hours) who had been the antiquarian librarian at Trinity College, Dublin… it was a masterclass in Victorian typography and when I came out I realised that this could not be a pamphlet … but needed to be finely bound, with thick beautiful paper… in fact – look like it was published in the Victorian era – to do everyone justice

The book is perfect. It has been finely bound by Ludlow Bookbinders. However…

My marketing skills a little light… I only just got it in print before the Olympics started and so the book has stayed a well kept secret for four years…

Now that the next Olympics is just over the horizon… it seems a great time to let you know of its existence:

Go here to read more about it, and even to purchase one of a limited edition of fifty

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