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Children’s Poetry Book

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Emma Purshouse and Catherine Pascall Moore’s award-winning poetry book for primary-school aged children, dyslexia friendly, with helpful hints on how to learn a poem and perform it (now a legal part of the primary and scondary school curriculum) will soon be in its second reprint ready for Xmas shopping and beyond!


Lots of wonderful imaginative and outrageous poems in this collection which is full of the charms and idiosyncrasies of childhood. It’s easy to see how children could love these breezy poems and become attached to them. One could easily imagine them being learnt by heart and repeated in playgrounds. The illustrations by Catherine Pascall Moore are quirky and appropriate. The hints about, for example, the best way to learn a poem or how to speak a poem aloud, are unusual in a book of this sort and never patronising.

You can read details about it here and order a copy


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