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Cosy the play

Cosy is a darkly comedic look at the joys and humiliations of getting older and how we shuffle off this mortal coil. Three generations of a dysfunctional family explore their choices in a world obsessed with eternal youth, and asks whose life (or death) is it, anyway?


Not my words, I’m afraid.

I find, despite being a writer, it a very difficult thing  – to write about something such as a play like Cosy – which by its nature of being brilliant  – has to be seen (or read) rather than described – as it is a piece of art that fulfils everything required of it, and more.

But is that going to stop me?

I write this with some urgency – as I have been away in Cardiff and the Brecon Beacons – and if you want to see this play you have to get a jolly-on as its run in the Wales Millennium Centre finishes Saturday 12th March.

It is written by Kaite O’Reilly, winner of the Ted Hughes Award for New Poetry in 2010, and author of peeling, The Almond and the Seahorse, In Water I’m Weightless, the 9 Fridas, to name a few. That should be enough of a recommendation for anyone who knows Kaite’s work. If it had been by any other playwright I would not have been looking forward to an evening out at a play about assisted suicide ! But from the first moment I was completely engrossed. Six women- all of them inhabiting their parts so completely that when the play finished I felt I had lost my new family – work really well together.

I had to concentrate to notice the lighting, the direction, the hauntingly beautiful music in the scene changes. Because it all works so completely as a whole.

Go and see it – if there are any tickets left.

If not – you can be consoled with a copy of Kaite O’Reilly’s new book: Atypical Plays for Atypical Actors.

I am feeling rather lucky.. I have bought my copy of that too…  Nadia x

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