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Hi everyone

I have just donated a further £9,611 to NHS Charities Together from sales around the world of the wonderful poetry anthology THESE ARE THE HANDS

It is like a secret diary of every type of worker of the NHS. Written before the pandemic it gives patients, staff, students, potential NHS employees an insight into wwhat is going on in the brains of the staff around you in surgeries and hospitals up and down the UK

It has sold over seven thousand copies in its 2 years since publication, and I have, in total, donated over fifteen thousand pounds from sales of the book

Thank you to everyone who has bought a copy. To everyone who wrote a poem whether it was selected for the book or not, to emergency poet Deborah Alma who brought me in on the project and particularly to Dr Katie Amiel whose baby this was. Thank you to everyone who has supported the book, spread the word about it. And thank you to every single person who works within the NHS.

If you havent read the reviews or bought a copy you can find out more about it here

Nadia x

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