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Fancy sponsoring a Children’s poetry book?

I am currently running a crowdfunding (kickstarter) campaign to raise money to help with the costs of printing a children’s poetry book:

I once knew a poem who wore a hat

  •  I am personally funding the printing of the book – because I am so proud and happy to be able to – and because the poems are tried and tested in front of many a discerning child and have an intelligence, warmth, and humour to them that is extremely attractive to child and adult alike !
  • The price of a children’s book is traditionally much cheaper than, say, a novel – and because of this a huge print run is needed to break even (which – as a small publisher – I can’t afford)
  • Despite this I am forging ahead, unfunded, so … any kind soul who would like to support the publication of this book –  through kickstarter – here is the link
  • If you don’t know kickstarter – you can pledge however much you like, but if it’s under £10 (which includes the p&p)  there won’t be a “reward” apart from my very sincere thanks. The rewards include an original illustration from the book, the name of a child nominated by you permanently printed in its dedication page, a bespoke poem by the wonderful poet Emma Purshouse and of course  – a copy of the book 🙂
  • The book will be in print and with you (as a pre-publication present) in time for Easter 2016
  • I know you must all be inundated by Xmas thoughts, and concerns for flood and war victims – so please promise me one thing – only help if it suits you, and your purse. Thank you, Nadia xx
  • Oh – and do go along just for the joy of the video and audios of Emma’s poems !!!! I think it will make you smile !!!!
  • Have a good weekend, Nadia Kingsley at  weblogo

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