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I once knew a poem who wore a Hat reviews


It is stunning. I’d seen draft pages, but they didn’t prepare me for the impact of the colour and the pics and the poems – a real knockout. Hope it does well in schools – could bring them a little shaft of light amid the gloom.
Paul Francis – Poet and Retired Teacher

It looks wonderful, and hangs together beautifully. I love the illustrations and think they complement Emma’s poems just right. The idea of the little hints about how to remember poems or how to find things in them is inspired, too, and I’m sure will encourage youngsters to experience them in new ways. I’ll be trying it out on my grandchildren as soon as I can.
Jeff Phelps – Poet and Novelist

“Hat” definitely adds to the sum total of human merriment. I am enjoying it.
Keith Chandler – Poet and Retired Teacher

Emma’s poems are full of life and laughs, bubbling with music and wisdom and silliness and jokes and cute animals.I once knew a poem COVER for website 1
She’s a great performer of her work and the book is crammed with tips to help the reader become a performer too.
And as if that weren’t enough, Catherine’s fine and funny pictures add another dimension to the book (a picture-y dimension)
A.F.Harrold – Bloomsbury Children’s Poet and has had his work on BBC Radio 4, Radio 3 and BBC7

Prompts and suggestions for learning by heart are dotted among these fun poems from performance poet Emma Purhouse.
They remind us that poetry should be spoken aloud and encourage us to do so, enjoying the poet’s skillful word play.
A delightful collection for children and grown ups to enjoy together.
Celia Warren Children’s Poet published by Heinemann, plus KS2 Comprehension, and Teacher’s Guide author

Delightful wordplay and dazzling illustration makes this a must have for young readers and schools everywhere
Andrew Fusek Peters – whose Children’s Poetry has been on Poetry Please, and is on Poetry Archive

A fluffy romp of poems for younger readers which create sparks in the imagination.
John Siddique, Children’s Poet


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