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Listen to Matthew Oates

Just over a year ago I interviewed Matthew Oates on the subject of Stinging Nettles – for the Arts Council England-funded project “Maligned Species” You can hear that less than 20 minute podcast here

TOMORROW our kickstarter campaign closes – and your ONLY chance to buy a limited edition hardback copy of Matthew Oates’ new book,  Beyond Spring – Wanderings through Nature   (and in my mind THE book he has lived his life to write… I know! Grand Claims but having known Matthew for seven years I really do believe this)

It is £15          (plus £5 p&p if in UK and Eire)   which is a great price for any hardback, but for a future classic?! PLUS you will be really really helping Fair Acre Press, and myself out 🙂

If you click on this link you will be taken to the Kickstarter page where you can read lots more about the book.

Click on the Updates heading to read more up-to-date news

You can also donate £1 or more (one person has donated £100, another £150!!!) to support Fair Acre Press in its endeavours… Thanks!!!! Nadia x

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