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Matthew Oates’ new Hardback – only available here!

Fair Acre Press is publishing Matthew Oates’ next book: Beyond Spring. HOORAY!!!!!!

It’s slightly mad, but wonderful: his last book In Pursuit of Butterflies, published by BLOOMSBURY, has sold 25,000 copies already. His next book, too, is commissioned by a top publishing house.

Matthew and I have known each other since 2010, when he was a great support, and became involved in Fair Acre Press’ first book ever: Shropshire Butterflies – a poetic and artistic guide to the butterflies of Shropshire (which recently sold out).

I can’t tell you how gorgeous Beyond Spring is: it is a smallish book – filled with chapters about Nature (with ST Coleridge’s capital letter), time, place, and how important it is for us to make a connection with these, for our own sake. It is poetic, funny, irreverent, informative, in bite-sized chunks – meant for a winter’s armchair – to remind you of what is ahead; for sneaking a look at in a boring office meeting; or for reading brazenly in the tube…

The thing is, as you can imagine, a huge success of a book can almost be as calamitous – as a flop, for a small press.

Therefore I came up with the following idea, with Matthew’s agreement

From now until 29th May you will be able to buy the hardback copy of BEYOND SPRING: through a Kickstarter campaign – and that is the only time or place that you will be able to buy the hardback new, ever…  (click on the purple to read more, and buy. Kickstarter is a very safe site)

Please alert any family, friends, colleagues, neighbours – anywhere in the world – about this. I don’t want people to miss out, as well as the money providing Fair Acre Press with the finances to print both hardback and paperback copies; and not go bust!

Thanks. I am so proud of this book. It has just gone to the proofreader. I am asking some amazing poets for their permission to include extracts and poems that support and strengthen the book at the moment (with wonderful response so far). The cover will look approx like the image in this post. We have worked intensely and joyfully together to tighten the text to the point it zings off the page! And I properly want to give people a very special opportunity to buy a hardback copy that can’t be bought anywhere else or at any other time… and have kept the price low at £15 per copy (plus p&p)

Nadia x

(this weekend is the anniversary of Edward Thomas’ death, in France. He has been Matthew’s great inspiration throughout his life and so I am so pleased it has turned out that I am launching this kickstarter crowdfunding “campaign” this particular weekend)

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