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There have been some lovely emails from readers of this anthology, also comments on facebook and twitter. People are so lovely – they ring me to thank me for the prompt delivery, as well as how much the poems in this anthology have moved them. I have had some lovely phone calls with independent bookshops who are managing to continue to stay open from home – cycling orders to people’s doorsteps sometimes!

I dont know about you all. Most of the time I just feel extraordinarily lucky – after all I am; then out of the blue I have a day when I feel very sorry for myself – I think it is tiredness, and of course change is extraordinarily tiring isnt it!

I must say I think we should all pat ourselves on our own backs as well as clapping for the NHS!

So – here is a really thoughtful intelligent review of the NHS poetry anthology THESE ARE THE HANDS by Greg Freeman at Write Out Loud – but I mostly just want to say “hi” and hope you have a good weekend xx


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