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Offcumdens – A photography and poetry book! by Bob Hamilton & Emma Storr

Hi everyone!

I am so delighted to let you know about this wonderful book of black & white photographs by Bob Hamilton and poetry by Emma Storr all abut Yorkshire – the county they both fell in love with, separately, and moved to about 30 years ago.


There’s a space; a liminal space, a creative space, an adventurous space and a surprising space where words and images meet and this superb book celebrates that exciting space. IAN McMILLAN

Each double page spread is a conversation – the eloquent understatement of black and white image leaving space for the warmth and sensitivity of the words. Together, they turn towards people and places with acute and generous attention. Offcumdens they may be, but Bob Hamilton and Emma Storr are returning Yorkshire to itself, with value added. PHILIP GROSS

A wonderfully evocative marriage of words and photographs that describes so well the Yorkshire I’ve come to know and love over the last 20+ years. Bob and Emma may not have been born here, but they have collaborated superbly to create a body of work that shows how well they understand and appreciate the charming and eclectic mix of places and people in their adopted homeland. LIZZIE SHEPHERD

A tour of Yorkshire, including the bits that other artists might overlook: both the poems and images are eclectic, addictive and inspiring. HELEN MORT

The relationship between words and images is not as simple as it looks. A poet and a photographer working collaboratively, each creating strong individual pieces of work which can be viewed or read independently, by putting the words and photograph together create something that is much greater than the two. Bob Hamilton and Emma Storr have achieved this creating a fine body of work that is a joy to read. IAN BEESLEY


You can read more about it and buy the paperback here

You can buy the hardback here


The publication date is 17th March 2022 – and here is a flyer about some of the events taking place 🙂 Nadia xx



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