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Orbis Review: Shauna Roberston

As any poet, in fact any writer, knows it is not easy to even achieve a review in one of the more esteemed poetry magazines – but one year on from publication Shauna Robertson’s Blueprint for a Minefield has been reviewed in Orbis magazine. And it’s good! (an even more difficult thing to achieve!!)

Here is a short excerpt.. in fact – the title of the review and its opening paragraph. It can be found in Orbis#178 – a magazine well worth subscribing to. (2 back issues offer: £7 for the two)


Blueprints for a Minefield by Shauna Robertson, 36pp, £4.99, Fair Acre Press.

If Alice wanted to impress the Queen of Hearts with poetry, this is the book she would read.
Initially, it seems surreal.
However, by the time you’ve read half a dozen pages, the surreal is accepted as the norm, and your brain directed beyond conventional perception by Robertson’s vivid imagery.”

Thanks to Shauna for writing it, and to Jonathan Edwards, our judge for the 2016 Fair Acre Press International Poetry Pamphlet Competition for championing it.

Nadia x

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