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Over £2,500 to NHS’ Covid 19 Emergency Fund now

I thought I would share the good news that from fairacrepress sales alone, of the paperback edition of These Are The Hands NHS poetry anthology we currently have over two thousand five hundred pounds to donate to the NHS’ Covid 19 emergency fund

As the book reaches its 3rd week birthday on Easter Saturday I am totally amazed at the response. And as a reader of it I can wholly recommend it.

I have just added an ePub edition to the fairacrepress website which costs £5 and ALL that £5 goes to the emergency fund

I have also just uploaded a kindle edition to amazon. This costs £5 and all the profits will go to the emergency fund.. this will show up on amazon at some point over the Easter weekend

I, Deb Alma, and Deb’s helpful friends have spent some time on these ebooks hoping they look and read better than the average! Poetry is not that popular in ebook form but I am very pleased with the result – I hope anyone who purchases either of them is too.

We would be grateful if anyone who has and likes the anthology and is willing to do so – would consider leaving a review on amazon website. It really helps the book’s visibility especially if it’s a positive one!

Wishing you all the very best,

Nadia x


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